Small community of mature gamers looking for new members

If you are a friendly, mature gamer looking for a home, we invite you to spend some time looking over our webpages and forums and to consider submitting an application to our group. We place great value on positive attitudes, friendly personalities, and good sportsmanship. If this sounds like a good fit for you we'd love to have you join our community.  If you new to online gaming you will find a friendly and supportive environment in which you can improve your game immensely. On the other hand, if you are a veteran combat beast you will find others who value teamwork, tactics, and logistics as much as their aim.  Our main games are currently Halo Reach and CoD Black Ops, though our members play a variety of other games as well.  Come join us!


The Dark Legion began in 2002, when a group of friends discovered Halo: Combat Evolved.

Originally dubbed the Horseman's Guild, the group consisted of six founding members: Death (a.k.a. The Halo Ninja/Ski), Sladebane (a.k.a. Butters), PESTileNCE (a.k.a. SIPPI), Holywarz (a.k.a. War), Elusive Lurker (a.k.a. Target / Kill PEST with shotgun), and AnimuX.

The six members forged lifetime bonds through their shared experiences and hardships in the Army while stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. Eventually, the group grew to well over 15 gamers who enjoyed weekly LAN sessions in the cramped confines of the barracks at Ft. Hood. The Horsemen even began to make connections with similar Halo clans, accepting challenges and participating in gaming throughout Ft. Hood.

In December of 2004, the Horsemen joined with the millions of gamers who entered into the online realm of Xbox Live and Halo 2. Real world issues, including deployments in Iraq and life after the Army, had separated the original members, but they continued to stay in contact.

Only three of the original six would make an appearance in the Legion's next guise: Holywarz (who had begun gaming with DA during Halo CE), Sladebane (who was soon deployed after Halo 2's release), and PESTileNCE (who had just recently returned from deployment). The Horsemen banded with another clan during this time named the Dragon Army, and had three enjoyable months gaming with them on Xbox Live.

Eventually, Holywarz, PESTileNCE, and others decided to start a new clan from the ashes of DA, which had splintered, and The Dark Legion sprang onto the scene in February of 2005.

Since its inception The Dark Legion has always valued good sportsmanship, integrity, and fun. We continue to endorse these traits that form the foundation of this gaming community. We continue to evolve, and strive to provide a vibrant, thriving community for all gamers.


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TDL is my initials hah, butt yeaah i woulda joined but i only play mw2 :p

Some of our members still play quite a bit of mw2, Tiffany.  I'm much more of a Halo person myself, but we have a decent number of hardcore CoD folks too.


We have both male and female members ranging in age between 16-41 years old.  Many of our members are college educated and/or past/present military.  We are a cohesive group who care about each other and are always on the lookout for a few additional people to join us.  Come by, check out our forums, and throw in an app if you think you'd be a good fit.  We're all looking forward to gaming it up with you.

See you on the battlefield....