slow ride... take it easy!

seriously... why use lightweight?


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so you move faster, quite simple really

I use it with my Remington on nuketowm

Lightweight + Extreme Conditioning/Dead Silence = Fast Stealth Machine.

To stay ahead of my dot on the minimap.

I have jumped from heights while getting shot and escaped death because of Lightweight.  If I didn't use Lightweight I would have suicided.

[quote user="Ringo Starrfish"]

Lightweight + Extreme Conditioning/Dead Silence = Fast Stealth Machine.


This ^

Also combined with Flak Jacket, you're a fast, stealthy tank!

 Meh forget the dead silence. They might have done something bbecause I can occasionally hear enemies now, but even without dead silence, I've found I can run up behind almost anyone without them knowing.

  i havent tried awareness though either.

 As far as extreme conditioning .... I like it but after a period of time it quits working. I can see not having unlimited sprint, but a brief rest should restore it. I've had times running with nothing but a knife and get to a point where i feel like i'm carrying an lmg with no mobility perks whatsoever.