slow play against 352 fifa 12 online ???

Hello been playing fifa 12 for about six months an gettin pretty good at it although i have a problem, while playing ranked matches my play and speed seems ok but when im playing against 352 i think its only this formation somtimes my players slow right down and reaction speed is slow aswell, does anbody know why this is ?

my custom tactics are average but its like chasing the wind this guy was really not that good, somtimes against this formation my players are on drugs i also play with brazil one of the fastest teams on fifa 12, is my custom tactics totally wrong  i even tried speed 95 passing 95 an this didnt help !!

Also anybody have any information on placing same player in the same spot position in formation ? an could this have been prob ?


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Considering FIFA 12 has only been out for 5 months, that's pretty impressive that you've been playing it for 6 months!

Are you experiencing these problems in Head 2 Head Seasons, Career mode, or in Ultimate Team?

If it is in Ultimate Team, try checking your chemistry level as that has a big impact on the performance of your team.

Lol yeah if you're playing ultimate team and your players don't like the formation or position they play they won't play well, have a look at your team n you see red or dark green on the bottom left or right of the card then he doesn't like formation (left) or position (right) hope this helps.