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Ok, i am watching microsoft make the biggest mistake once agin by upgrading further past Windows 10. Now, a lot of people might disagree with my statement, but the coustomer support doen't seem to help my case. So why do i think Microsoft should atleast slow down on the windows upgrades. it might be too much for people to kep up with it. With that being said, it's like when people heard about Xbox shutting down their servers for the xbox 360.

It makes sense if you think about it, it also makes it harder for Gamers who spent a rather amount of $$$ on games for the 360. Personally i never really invested too much into the xbox 360. But you get my point.

 I also have a question for people of the community to awsner. Does companys like Dell, Microsoft etc give away computers, games, etc.....


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What upgrade past Windows 10 ?

The 360 servers aren't shutting down for a long time,they are needed for xbox one backwards compatibility.

Microsoft gave me & a few others a free xbox one & some games so it does happen.

I think the OP needs to slow down.

They look to be making a mistake.