Slot Machines SUCK!

This is more of a personal vent real quick.  I freaking hate the slot machines.  I have played through with every character and a couple TVH modes and I have yet to hit the weapon jackpot.  How is it that I get Borderlands 2 at midnight launch and still have not, yet my cousin buys it a month ago and has nabbed at least 3?  Is there any way to get the freaking odds to my favor?


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Sadly Capt Yesterday, as the Slots are, they are a gamble. Your chances of geting a weapon jackpot are random. You'll likely get a green (can't remember which gives green) and blue (3 Legs) one the most noticeing they are one of the commons like the cash, and bandit jackpot. The more rare ones are geting the medium or big eridium jackpot,  the purple weapon jackpot (3 heads), or the 3 vault symbols which is a orange weapon jackpot. As said, it is a gamble so your chances of geting anything good are random. The time you bought the game does not change this either.

Still not had a 3 vault symbol... but random is random... I managed to get the 3 eridium symbol jackpot FOUR times in the space of about 50 pulls in one session.

The very first time I hit it I got a purple SMG. I've had no luck with it since.

out of all the trys since the day the game was released i've only seen it hit twice.

Apparently, the devs used the same formula for the in-game slot machine as real slot machines. Which is garbage. Slot machines in BL2 were fun to try the first few days or weeks but then you sort of learn that it's not worth it to spin them a bazillion times just to get vault symbols x3 for a Legendary that you might not even like.