Slimes found info plz

Hi all I have found an area that spawns slimes but it only seems to spawn one little one and not often at all, anyone any ideas how to increase the slime size and how often they spawn plz?

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Would it help to put lava in the massive crave I have made? As I get little ones

Lol cave

You cannot increase the size, only decrease by hitting them. I don't know how often they respawn. Why do you want more? The slime balls have no use yet.

I'm stocking up for july

Make  sure the cave is at least 3 blocks high, since the big ones are 2.5 blocks high. Also they spawn close to bedrock level up to level 40 so they can spawn in any caves in between. You also need to be at least 23 blocks away from the area to make them spawn. Another thing to do is make sure nearby caves are lit up because the slimes have a lower percentage spawn rate than the other mobs. By lighting the caves means that no other hostile mob can spawn which makes the slimes spawn more often.

Ok dood thanks for that

You asked about lava. Lava will kill a slime if it jumps into it so avoid the lava. As well, big slimes will die if hit with a diamond sword and not make littler slimes. Hit them with wooden tools to get them to split and make smaller slimes which can then be hit to make smaller ones until you get the smallest and get a slime ball.