Slime Slime Slimes!

Slimes are in the game right but i havent seen 1 since i bought the game, i dont really know were to find them so if anyone knows or has ideas can you help me?


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Mental, your link says, "By following this link, you may be leaving  Do you want to continue?"

Why is the link goofy?

There Is a great guide on finding slimes over at .

Slimes do NOT spawn in on Peaceful. You have to be playing on Easy or above.

They spawn on the 4th block up from Bedrock, so your best chance is to dig down to Bedrock & then dig out like a 50x50 room & light it up so other Mobs don't spawn in.  Make the ceiling like 5 blocks high. Or as high as you can.   Also they don't spawn everywhere.  Only in certain areas, so finding them is a bit of luck.