Sl pvp...

Which is the highest recomended SL for pvp.Now i am Sl 125...

i want more but i fearthat i will get less invasions


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You get invaded no matter what level you are, the major reason to go much higher or not depends on whether you want to do the invading yourself.


I prefer PVP at levels near 180 or 200 but my highest character is 400 and only suffers the same invasion problems my other characters do.

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Okay, here I go again: generally speaking the higher your SL is, the less you get invaded. This is because the game does try to send the invaders to a world of a host whose SL is the closest to the invader's. Darkwraiths can invade anyone above their SL, Darkmoon anyone below their SL, but those are the only exceptions I'm aware of. That is at least according to what I read when I did research on Darkmoons.

SL 120-125 is kind of the unofficial level cap for pvp.