SL 39 Queelag's Domain Help

Anybody want to help me defeat this thing? She's too fast for me to do it myself and everyone I've summoned so far are complete idiots and sit in a corner... I guess expecting me to do it all for them.


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I had her. She was being the most useless AI for me. Kept running into the lava and not around it.

Have you fought a invader that was a fat woman with barely any clothes on with a GIANT meat cleaver right before you got to the boss's location ??? Well if you have, and defeated her, then if your human, you will see her summon sign on the ground directly in front of the fog. it's pretty much impossible to NOT see if you did defeat her. But since I see that you dont see any summons signs, that must mean you havent either, 1. seen her yet, or 2. defeated her.

She made the battle A HELL of a lot easier for me as she held the aggro while I pounded the boss with soul arrows.

Finally got it. I could get half of her life down on my own, but she just moved too fast for me to keep it up.

I'll summon you if I see your sign. Lately, I haven't seen any.

Summon me.

I would offer my help, but I don't think I'm of much use right now. I'm still trying to fight off the damn Hydra!