Skyrim unreadable disk in menu

I just had to delete all of my stuff to get this to get this game to work so ill be starting all over again.


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Shouldn't scratch the disc. I warn my kids about touching my Skyrim disc, it's a no no. Play another game, haha. Sorry for you though :(

Unreadable disc usually means some service time for your X-Box. Did you install it? That limits the amount of disc usage for game play. Starting over isn't that bad though, you already know some of your mistakes and can level up pretty quick second time around.

Yeah, it happens, if you can get it to install all the Xbox is gonna do is check the disc, to make sure you own it, and never reads the disc again, unless a cutscene or something, but my DVD never hums after I install a game, hope it helps. Good Luck.