Skyrim texture bug might be worse everybody thinks.

So far i was reading a lot of idea's/theories.

But NOBODY thinks about the fact they use a new way of data storage on the Xbox DVD. The problem might be there.

I know this because Battlefield 3 had the same issues, but because you optional can install the HD texture pack on its own, this problem was a easy fix.

You might noticed that the DVD spins much longer when installed then older games, in Battlefield 3 we needed to wait for the Disk stops to spin BEFORE we installed the HD texture pack, otherwise the HD texture pack would be corruped, and the textures wern't loading.

My fair is that Skyrim has the same problem, but because we arn't able to install the Texture pack seperately, this issue might be bigger then we all think.

I so hope im wrong, because i wont be playing the game for the DVD, i really want to install it. Lets hope they come with a patch soon.

But i fair the worst, also because we havn't heard anything about any Skyrim DEV yet..




Have to say though, this will not be game braking for me.. They will fix it eventually.


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I've tried both ways and can't notice any change. Right now I running off the DVD because the load times are not that bad

running off the dvd, load times are pretty amazing, even for the outside levels. usually on most games the load times suck and i install it right away.

but the textures are looking perfect from where im sitting.

SKYRIM is perfect, it has no bugs.

(copied my post from another thread...)

XBOX360 Achievements posted some uninstalled vs. installed pics for you to compare as part of their review.

For the most part, I think installed looks exactly the same or better.  There was one screenshot where I thought uninstalled looked better.  There are some difference in the pics due to lighting changes (it is nearly impossible to catch the candle at the exact same moment each time, for example).

I hope this helps anyone who is wondering which way to go.  I for one will be installing.

Cannot wait to play!

^^^^The only difference i could see  was the picture of the hands. The installed versions hands looked better in my opinion. I will prob. install after i play the game for an hour or 2

If those pics are real then this whole thing is nothing. Anyone who would would risk their 360 over extremely minor(or non existent) differences has some serious issues.

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I'm sorry to say, but the Frostbite 2.0 engine is nowhere near as flawed when ported to consoles as the Creation Engine is. They couldn't be more different. And the Frostbite 2.0 engine is very, VERY buggy, even on PC. Not stable at all.


It seems to be an issue with the textures in general loading oddly, that's all. Installed or not. Confirmed by Bethesda employee in the other thread about it.


Slightly annoying, yes, but it really isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be!