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I purchased the Skyrim soundtrack and I love it...particularly "Skyrim Atmospheres" which is about 43 minutes long by itself. Some of the songs are very soothing, akin to something you'd hear in a Japanese meditation garden. "Ancient Stones" is another one I really like. The total cost for 53 songs was about 20 US dollars.


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I adore the soundtracks from all three of the Elder Scrolls. I bought a signed physical copy of the Skyrim set and the digital downloads of Morrowind and Oblivion from Jeremy Soule's website. One of my favorite pieces was one I hadn't taken note of until I walked into the New Gnisis Cornerclub.  It's called A Chance Meeting and is a very plaintive celtic piece. Soule also did the music for Guild Wars. I have a concert medley on an album of game music but I don't know which edition of Guild Wars it is from. I don't have a PC so can't play it.

On iTunes now..... I really like the music in this game also.

Thanks to both of you for your comments. It's been a while since I made my original post, but I'm still listening to the music on an almost daily basis while driving. It calms me down on America's insane highways. There are multiple reasons why Skyrim has now been elevated to the following status:

The Best Video Game I've Ever Played

The music is just one of those reasons and it's great that the music is a permanent take-away from this game. It's a brilliant marketing tactic as well. When the music is so  good that a player purchases the music and continues playing it years after first beginning the video game, it means the game will remain in the person's memory as long as the music is still enjoyed.