Skyrim Quest Bug: Bringing a D.Arrow to Calcelmo... three times now and counting (PLEASE HELP)

Hello there :)

I'm experiencing an odd problem while playing Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls and the miscellaneous quest of taking a Dwarven item (in my case, an arrow) to Calcelmo in Markarth.

I recieved a letter from him via the Courier... three times now. All asking for a Dwarven Arrow, with the only difference being the store the arrow has been bought from.

I completed his third request today and I'm worried this quest is looped and he will just keep asking me for Arrows.

Has anyone heard of or experienced this glitch?

Seraphina Lea


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Is the quest closed in your Miscellaneous menu?


This is probably  a repeatable quest.

Just ignore it... let this small, pointless quest sit there.

I did have something similar but he asked for a specific dwarven mace. Once I had that he purchased it, and then said he would take any other dwarven enchanted item that I found in my travels. He doesn't even have any dialogue that suggests he wants anything else. The miscellaneous quest is gone though. Not sure about arrows. Did you try to get the specific one from the merchant that he asked for?