Skyrim: Oblivion Walker achievement glitched.

I've checked several sites and videos on Youtube to make sure I had met the requirements for the Oblivion Walker achievement which requires you to "Collect 15 Daedric Artifacts," and because of the choice of words, every weapon I got from such quests I kept. I never sold them, and ALWAYS made sure to earn the DAEDRIC artifact instead of completing the opposite end of the quests that you would NOT recieve it but instead gain something else. I have 15 of the possible 16 as the Skeleton Key does not count(still had it anyway), and the 16th is really just a glitched way honestly of aquiring it(getting both Savior's Hide and Hirscine's Ring in the same quest). Either way, the achievement states I need 15, and my character has 15 on my very posession right in the inventory. I tried equipping them, using them, depositing them and picking them back up, but the achievement refuses to still unlock.

I don't want to pour in another 70+ hours of time into the game and repeat everything to just get all those items plus glitch getting the 16th. I DO have the items, never killed the dog for the axe instead of the artifact, killed the priest to save the mace, did Dagon's killing his servant method, and other requirements to make sure I got the items that others collected and unlocked Oblivion Walker. I want to know if I can get the achievement unlocked from offsite, since I imagine Xbox controls achievements for people(whether it be to grant them, or remove them from a hacker). Can I get the achievement unlocked this way?

Here are the Daedric items I have, to assure you I didn't mess up the achievement.
-Azura's Star
-Mace of Molag Bal
-Sanquine's Rose
-Savior's Hide
-Ogma Infinium
-Ebony Mail
-Ebony Sword
-Skull of Corruption
-Ring of Namira
-Mehrunes' Razor
-Masque of Clavicus Vile

Renegade Zephyr is my gamertag on Xbox 360.


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I signed in to ask this exact same question and saw your post, i hope this isn't a permanent glitch cause i have spent probably the same amount of time on various different characters (because i made some bad choices the first couple of times till i read up on it) i will die!!!!!