Skyrim Map and Manual leaked


Nice to know Beth didn't take the lazy way of Internet manuals. If Devs are not including manual in new games copies ; it should be in - game like in  ACB.

Yea, i know some gamers don't care about manuals , but i do care. Specially in RPG's.


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Printed manuals are wasteful and it's time they got phased out. The map looks cool though.

Printed manuals aren't wasteful, that's another cheap excuse from Devs. Internet manuals are ridiculous...the better they can do to make the money invested in a game worthy is include the manual in game.

Printed manuals are great.  I dread the day books themselves are phased out and you have to read on a Kindle or some crap.

Can't say printed manuals are great, because I never read them, but I too dread the day books are phased out. The trinkets never did much for me. I'm an IT guy without a cell phone.

The manuals that usually come with games I have bought are a waste. They just have controls, a page or two about the game, and credits. Those are all in game as well. If they included more info like they used to years ago then that would be great. I don't think they should be phased out but sometimes I ask what the point of some of them are.

You would think if the developer didn't include a manual with a game that you would be charged less aswell, lol.

No , i don't think so ...i just want the manual in game if they are taking the lazy way via internet. For example , i did know how to spot in GoW 3 in the thread where you mentioned that , not with the manual that never appeared on internet because the page was not found when i tried to check it out after the second day after buy it. The problem is that some gamers are so puppets that always support whatever the devs say.

ACB is a good example of what i am saying. The game have big content including  Campaign, MP etc and still have the manual in game  ; so is not impossible at all.

It's not about being a puppet or blindly following devs. It's about printing tons of manuals that the majority of people will never even open. It's producing pointless trash that will end up in a landfill. I do understand the point about making it easier to get used to the game but that's what tutorials are for, in game. If the devs don't make one and they don't print a manual then they obviously don't care much about their customers.