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ok so iv been playin skyrim and on my main guy i tried to join the stormcloaks before i did the main questline but i didnt finish it i only took the oath to join then i did the main story line now im at the part where i have to talk to to the stormcloaks and legion for a truce meeting i got the legion  to join but now i cant talk to ulfric stormcloak cause he says i need to go on a mission with the galmar guy and when i try to talk to galmar i cant he just says he doesnt know why ulfric even speaks to me what do i do?


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If you have already joined the Stormcloaks, you're going to have to win the war for them. You can only due the Neutral solution if you haven't joined either side. Just do what Ulfric asks, and when you're all done, that will satisfy the requirement for the main quest.  On a side note, this thread should probably have (Spoiler) in the title.

On a second note, this is in fact a completely optional questline, not the main quest.

I think it's a glitch I'm afraid. I ran into that same problem with my first playthrough. You can't complete the main quest line bit because the on going stormcloak mission, but you can't complete the stormcloak mission because of the on going main quest mission. I believe that the next patch is due to fix that glitch, but I'm unsure when the next patch will be out for consoles.

If you've put plenty of time into the game it maybe worth continuing with other factions/missions/quests etc while waiting for the patch to arrive, your other choice of course is to restart..but I guess you'd rather not do that.