Skyrim Horses

We all know that horses are confirmed in Skyrim, but does anyone know if fighting from horseback is featured in Skyrim? Or will they just be a means of transport, as in Oblivion.


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Till told otherwise, I'm assuming horses are travel-only mounts

Yeah I'm pretty sure they confirmed that there will be no mounted combat

Yes it is 100% confirmed there's no mounted combat. Also confirmed you can't ride dragons. Other mounts are still up in the air.

Ahh right. Taming dragons was my next question lol. Shame seen as though you're a dragon-born.

Maybe some means of interaction with a dragon will be released as DLC at a later date.

No. No Dragon riding. Ever. Leave it to the modders. It's best there. Aside from it not making lore sense, being OP, and the fact that Bethesda's version of it would probably suck, it's just better handled by modders.

I don't expect the developers to put as much effort into the horseriding as, say, Red Dead Redemption, but from the gameplay I've seen so far it seems a bit clunky.

Anyone else noticed that?

I don't think I'll spend much time on a horse anyway, just my 2 cents.

4 months to go!

Horses are there for show. Thats all they were in Oblivion as well. I'm more of a travel by foot kind of guy any who. I like to explore the wilderness to much to either ride past or even fast travel by it.

I want to just run on all fours...