skyrim help please!

i think i have totally blown it!! i have every cheevo in the game except vampire mastered.  heres what happend...... early in the game i became a vampire and hated it!, finally i got cured, and decided to save vampirism till the end of the game so i wouldn't have to deal with it. also - when it came time to deal with Harkon( vampire lord who turns you into a vamp lord) i declined his offer and eventually killed him off.......... it is now much later in the game and i am focusing in on the whole vampire thing. i am a vampire now and want to become a vampire lord to get the cheevo. unfortunately Harkon is dead and i have nobody left to turn me into a vamp lord....HMMMMM!

please- anybody have an alternative solution. cuz otherwise it looks like the Harkon mission happened about 1/2 thru my game. if i go back to play and deal with harkon - i will lose many hours of the gamesave i have now. OR, i restart a new game, and basically have to replay almost the entire game to get back to harkon!  geeez!

i am currently level 71 and it seems like there is not much left to the game. most story missions are done and i am really doing small tasks and odd jobs! if this is all thats left in the story of the game, i will simply consider the game done and go back to harkon for the cheevo. and does this game ever end? is there a final mission or event to signify the end has occurred????

any ideas to help are much appreciated!  Thank you-


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This might be helpful, talk to Serana it says:

i was thinking bout that - but she has healed herself in my game is no longer a vamp./ not sure thou -i do still need to find her and ask her. thats my project for tonight! thanks thou-

Damn, -1337 gamer - i read your post and Serena cant help after she cured- i think im screwde on this one!

make a new character, and only do the vampire quest line, or reload a past save, you should save to a new file every 30 minutes or so while playing RPGs.

Yep, save is your best friend.

Create a new character.


Before you start think about who they are, what sort of character you want to play and what their background might be.


Since you have all the other achievements there's no need to beak your game experience by running around like a silly billy doing aything and everything that you can do in "Skyrim".


Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should and this time around all you really have to worry about is becoming a Vampire Lord as some point.


Enjoy yourself and discover what makes gaming even more entertaining than maxing out your achievements (not that there's anything wrong with the lattter).