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Ok so here is then problem, i have the hearthfire DLC and my wife is currently living in the house in whiterun (breezehome) I adopted 2 children and so forth but after i did all of that i realized i wanted to create my own house, so i created my own house fully furnished and everything i need for it, But i just noticed this is when i go to my wife it does not give me the option to move houses, I killed my wife (so i can try and get remarried) but i cant find the amulet of mara to re marry, thats not the weird thing though, the weird thing is once i killed my wife i went up to my kids and clicked on them, the option that says "I think we should move houses" came up i click on it and alls it says is nevermind i dont wanna move, so i reloaded the save to before i killed my wife, still no option to move houses not even my kids have the option or phrase until i kill my wife. I would like someone to tell me if there is a solution i can try or if it is a bug that skyrim has not yet patched, i really wanna move my family into my new house i created in the hearthfire dlc.

Possible bugs?

(My wife is argonian to match my argonian character)

(I have 2 kids one girl and one boy)

(I am trying to move them from Breezehome to Windstad manor)


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Unless it has been changed, there is no option to "re-marry". If you killed your wife, that's it, she's dead.

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Unless it has been changed, there is no option to "re-marry". If you killed your wife, that's it, she's dead.



Not to mention it sounds like there are other glitches (or issues of some kind) going on... first, if memory serves, Breezehome only has room for 1 child's bedroom. How can you adopt 2 children unless you move to another house before-hand?


If you have no wife (and it's true, you can not remarry) then you must have a housecarl in order to have children. If there is no housecarl in Winstad Manor you won't get the option to move kids there. Also, I can't verify this for sure since I've always built Lakeview and just adopted children from that point, but I would imagine that if you want to move children to Winstad, or any non-Hearthfire DLC home, you will at least have to have the bedroom(s) for them furnished in addition to a housecarl before you will get the option to move them there.

Breezehome is glitchy when it comes to the whole marrying and adopting thing altogether.

I really wish they'd give us options to do something with all the homes we can buy and own. Rent them or allow more than 2 child adoptions (letting 2 children per house as room allows would make sense) as long as you have a housecarl there for their care taker. Sell them if you're done with them maybe? At least having people renting or children living there would be more incentive to stop in and visit. Even if it does seem a bit like Fable, at least they'd serve some purpose as opposed to just having a house in every city / hold that sits there empty (except for maybe a housecarl) and doing nothing.

Definitely reload a saved game from BEFORE you killed your wife, and don't plan on killing her again.  You say you built one of the manor houses and fully furnished it -- so, you mean you have the child's bed and child's chest at that house?  Once you have adopted children, you will not get the option to move to another house unless that house already has the required children's furniture in it.

I have not gotten a note from no one should I call Microsoft