Skyrim Glitch AGAIN!!!!

This is the third (major) time I have come across glitches that don't allow me to progress. I'm currently stuck on loud and clear. Brynjolf will not speak to me to take me to Mercer. I am so frustrated with this game! I have unglitched a few myself but this one just won't work. I'm to far ahead to go to a previous save and the last one I remember caused me to be surrounded by flame atronachs while having a chat with him. If anyone knows how to help I'd be very greatful. (even tried starting a fight with him and it did not work)


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and this is our goty...

been awhile since i did that quest, what is he taking you to mercer for?

On one of my saves, Karliah won't speak to me in order to become a Nightingale. I restarted another archer profile, hopefully this won't happen again. Luckily on my main game character I got the Nightingale armor.

As I recall you have to do some jobs for the other folks first before they talk to you again. Then you get back and they act as if you did something wrong and have to prove yourself even more. Then the Mercer quest begins.