Skyrim Giants are not respawning

I am level 28 with 40 hours played and the giants are not respawning. I have checked online and most stay they will respawn anywhere from 10-30 days. So, I waited for over 2 months and nothing.

So, I started a new game killed two lots of giants at level 7 and waited for 14-16 days and they all respawned.  Anyone have any idea what I can do to fix this.


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10-30 days? Wow, that explains the distinct lack of any giants in my game.

You may need to reset the cell that the giants are in, do this by fast travelling to a city then back.

If this doesn't work then they will never respawn.

They do respawn over time, but i know what you mean. My world at the moment is a total giant free zone, or as i like to call it, a giant friendly zone lol

A couple days ago I came across a Giant with the name Goruk or something like that. That was the first giant I saw that had a name other than "giant". Was that one part of a quest or something? If so I probably glitched it before I even had the quest LOL.

I got a bounty for a giant over at cradle crush rock... only problem is i cleared that place out when i was around lvl 30. Now i'm at 64... Giant hasn't respawned yet. They need to fix this lol.

Yes, Goruk is a bounty quest, or was for me. Sometimes if an area has been cleared and you get a bounty for it things can get glitches. I have had one where I did find and kill a bandit leader but dint get a message to collect my bounty. The other time there was no bandit chief there, just plain bandits so I couldnt clear the bounty.

I wouldn't worry too much about the boynty quests though. I've killed a few small bosses twice now for bounties since they too seem to respawn occasionally. As for giants I still haven't seen any of the respawn. Knowing that I've already started a new year in the game and all it can't be just a matter of waiting for a month or two...