skyrim freezes on entering places

im a skyrim junkie level 71 but after the latest update, when i enter certin places (dark brotherhood sanctuary, understone keep, helgen keep, and more) my whole xbox freezes up and i must turn it off and no matter what i do i cant enter those places... can any one give me a hand? i cleared my system, deleted saves, turned off auto saves, every thing i can think of to no avail!!! please help me!!!


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I'm having the same problem with with those same places. I've done everything they said. Nothing is helping the occasional freezing. I'm so mad. I even went to the wiki's which I never do for the game. They are a joke. The so called re-install didn't do squat either. More than 590 hours of play is basically junk now. I did however get into Understone after several tries. Sorry I can't help but I thought you may take some refuge knowing your not the only one. I can't even do the main quest now as screen freezes happen when traveling to join the men waiting for me to take the forts. I'm just about to give up on this game. They say if we "start over" it won't happen. I say BS in the most loud language. Today Bethesda is not my friend. I won't be spending one more penny on their broken game.

i do take refuge in that im not alone but im geting upset now its geting annoying too. i cant do quests with those places now ):

do you have an old xbox maby its that... ive had this one a long time its a white model for crying out loud

I understand how upset you are if forced to abandon a level 71 game, or a 590 hour game, in order to finish.  On the other hand, the game is great fun and is most challenging in the early phase when you are weak and unskilled. So, really, just how bad is it to start over? You still keep your achievements and gamerscore from your original game. You do better in subsequent playthroughs because you are now an experienced veteran. You have a better feel for what's important, what's trivial, and what sequence to do things in. The game gets better and better each time.  I'm on my 4th playthrough, for the sheer joy of it!  (P.S.   No, I don't work for Bethesda).

how do we know the same thing wont happen to the new profile

OldPepsiMan! I do still enjoy playing the game. I will eventually start again. I'm just thinking if we don't say something, they'll never understand what's really broke.

Satanic Hatred! I have a fairly new X-box Elite so I'm not really sure if it's the X-box or not. I seriously don't think it's the X-box. I have other games on here that have larger save files than Skyrim and they have not done the same thing. It is most definately the Bethesda Game. I have other Bethesda Games that do the same thing.

I understand that this game is really huge and for it to play as far as it does is quite facinating. We all play it differently too. That in itself must make it hard for the Bethesda team to figure out the glitches. I'll give them that. I'm just not happy with how long it takes them. This was a new game 6 months ago and has 2 patches. Neither of these patches have corrected anything with my game. New stuff yes, but no corrections. I've only heard of one correction and that didn't happen when I did that quest. So if it really was a correction it remains a mystery to me what was actually corrected.

I know this is a Microsoft Forum and probably not the best place to complain but I have tried with the bethesda forum and your posts mysteriously disappear or are not answered. I'm just trying to help other folks realize their not the only ones who experience problems with the game.

Oh and yes, I did get a late start. I was out of the country through the holidays.

i started a new profile and deleated the update to see if that was the problem... guess what... the update IS the problem!!! i never had thease problems prior to the "patch" and im doing fine now without the update. still sucks that i have to start over but i have some tricks to leval up faster now

Wow! The patch was broke? Did you loose all your old saves? or did you just start over from scratch? I've been thinking if I can't finish the main quest I'm going to do the same.

I updated my XBL and my Skyrim and started an all new game about 10 days ago (on a spare 360 under a different account).  I'm approaching level 30. I've had 3 game freezes where I had to manually shut down the XBox360, but SO FAR no glitches at all. Two days ago my spare 360 suffered an E74 failure while playing Skyrim -- but it was 4 years old and frequently used. Can you guys tell us more specifically WHAT is broken in the patch?  Like I said, I've had no glitches so far.  

I can only tell you what I have experienced so far since the "patch". I was going along just fine until then with over 400 hours of perfectly acceptable gameplay. A few miscellaneous side quests that are not working. Those are because I did them out of order. ""Not Acceptable"" by my standards. Major one that breaks the College quests is the book, Children of the Sky. There is a side quest to kill the bandit leader at Valtheim Towers. There is also a side quest from the college to retrieve a book for Urag. Also at Valtheim Towers. ""Which one do you do first?""  Just one of a few. So we have 2 broken side quests that are effecting other College Quests.

As far as ""Screen Freezes"".

I have had the door to Understone Keep turn black and lockup my X-Box. There was an icon on the door the first time it happened because I was on the Dark Brotherhood quest to get info from the cook. After 5 or so retries and doing things somewhat differently(fast travel vs slow travel etc..) I finally got into Understone keep and finished that part. The icon moves. I got to the next place, only to have the same dang thing happen again.

It is happening more and more often as I run my play clock up. Is it their intention or belief that someone is just not going to spend this much time exploring or walking.

My next playthrough will be a run and gun and I'll just fast travel to all the fine points and probably "Beat" this game in under 100 hours and will do it with no glitches at all probably. Just to get the chievos.

I almost didn't play their other game like this because I did Fallout the first time in 8 hours. I was so dissappointed. Then someone was kind enough to explain the error of my ways.

We all know that this game is annoying as heck sometimes because my experience can differ so much from your experience. Your game does things differently because we play differently. Bethesda knows this and they refuse to get with the program and FIX the issues. They just keep ADDING to the nightmare. I for one believe these additions were written long time ago and held back for publishing reasons.

I know I'm ranting but please forgive me. This game wasn't cheap and it hasn't run successfully yet. I go around the broken parts but now with the freezing screens it is just beyond my patience to be nice to Bethesda and say how good they are.

Maybe you don't see that as a glitch but I do!

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