Skyrim freeze/crash issues

 recently decided to start playing skyrim after a long break from the game. I got all the DLC and set out to start playing only to find all my saved games gone, which sucked but that isnt my issue. The problems I am having are that the game will freeze and crash at certain points. First one I cant figure out is I cannot bring up my skyrim achievements. I attempt to access them via the guide button during game play and the game will crash. Also I attempt to view them on my profile via the dashboard and the xbox will reset. Next is I attempted to join the stormcloaks and went to turn in the ice wraith quest and the game will freeze and crash.

I have cleared my system cache several times, I have no corrupted files on my hard drive. I have deleted skyrim and all DLC as well as removed my hard drive and disconnected xbox from power supply for 1 hour. Nothing is clearing up this issue. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you


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I have the same problem, I will follow your guide and see if that works, I recently downloaded the Dragonborn DLC and I completed the quest-line without difficulty and after completing some side quests the game continuously froze and crashed and was glitching, so hopefully it is just a problem with the updates and DLC otherwise I have heard that it was preliminary steps before xbox had red ring....      

I had the same thing happen to me, the way I got around it was to delete all the skyrim updates and re update, when they sent the update after dawn guard there were a few hick ups with glitches and game crashes because it conflicted with the previous updates, try it out may or may not work but it did for me

Good luck