Skyrim freeze/crash issues

I recently decided to start playing skyrim after a long break from the game. I got all the DLC and set out to start playing only to find all my saved games gone, which sucked but that isnt my issue. The problems I am having are that the game will freeze and crash at certain points. First one I cant figure out is I cannot bring up my skyrim achievements. I attempt to access them via the guide button during game play and the game will crash. Also I attempt to view them on my profile via the dashboard and the xbox will reset. Next is I attempted to join the stormcloaks and went to turn in the ice wraith quest and the game will freeze and crash.


I have cleared my system cache several times, I have no corrupted files on my hard drive. I have deleted skyrim and all DLC as well as removed my hard drive and disconnected xbox from power supply for 1 hours. Nothing is clearing up this issue. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you



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Try clearing the game cache. You can do this by holding RB, LB, and X at the same time once you hit the load button from the Live home screen. Hold those buttons til you see the start screen show up for Skyrim.

Nope didnt work thanks though. Also the xbox will restart on its own if I attempt to view game details from the dashboard.

That sucks. You should try asking on the Skryim board here. There might be some people who have dealt with this kind of thing before because everyone has had glitches and freezes with Skryim.

sounds like your xbox is messed up... clear your whole consoles cache.