Skyrim english but Kinect voice commands in french


Recently I bought Skyrim on the Xbox marketplace (on demand). The game is in english. I realized after that the game was produced in different languages like french. So since I am a french canadian, I have some concerns.

First of all, because the game has a deep story and I don't want to miss a thing, I actually try to get the french version calling Microsoft. I am waiting for a reply by phone and/or e-mail. I talked to level 1 support guys twice. The first call was 3 days ago. I hope I'll be able to get a code to download the french version.

If I can't get french version, I will play with the english one. Not a big problem. I added subtitles to help me. However, I have a concern about the Kinect support. Everything is english in the game (of course) except one thing: Kinect voice recognition. This is in french! I understand that is because my Xbox Live account is set to french (console too but I think it uses the account setting. Right?). Because the game is in english, I have no idea what is some voice commands. I need to try to translate what I found in Help menu. By example, I can sort items by value but not by damage.

Then I have 4 choices (if I can't get a french version code from Microsoft):
1. Found a complete french voice commands list on Internet (now I can only find the english one).
2. Switch my whole Xbox experience to english just to solve it and be able to use Kinect fully in Skyrim. I don't really want it because other people use the console/my account (gold one) at home and are happy with french.
3. Figure out if it's possible to force Kinect to use the english language just for Skyrim. I don't think it's possible.
4. Forget Skyrim Kinect voice commands (at least for many commands).

Any help or comments on this?
Thank you


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Not really sure about all that language barrier stuff. The game is supposed to available in English, German and French as per everything I've read about it. I know some folks from Germany that play it but not sure about all the Canadian folks. Fus Ro Dah is dragonspeak so there would not really be a translation for it in any other language. That's what I'm thinking. Maybe wrong but I would assume that dialects will hinder Kinect commands anyway. So try setting up your Kinect again until it recognizes your voice. Personally I tried mine and had all sorts of weird things happen so I turn it off for Skyrim. It would recognize Fus and that's all. I had to wave at it alot to do other things. The only thing it did real good was quick save. It had that down very nicely. So I guess I'm suggesting #4. Forget Skyrim Kinect commands.

Thanks Angelus for the reply. Yes Skyrim is available in many languages like english and french. However, I bought it in the marketplace as a game on demand (it was one of the past week deals, 20$ off). This way I got it in english even if my console and my Xbox Live account are both set to french. The guys at Microsoft says that the game is only available in english from the marketplace. At least in Canada if I understand well.

On my side, Kinect voice commands works very well (for commands I get translated). For instance, I can say "Trier par valeur" to sort items by value, which is nice. No way to do it using controller.

I agree about the dragon language...! ;)

Thanks again Angelus! ;)

Anyone else have the same concerns?

I looked up the info. Games On Demand version is English only. Would need a disc copy.

Yes, like I said, english only via on demand.

Sadly Microsoft does not have recontacted me to give me a potential french version download code. Well it's true that the on-demand game description states clearly that's in the english language. They said that usually they can do it but if the original game came from a download code too (by example, a code that come with a new console).

I like the game so I bought a hard copy of the french version! It was really hard to find in stores here! Wow! The big map that is included with it is superb! Now, I can use every Kinect voice commands because the help can really help me (translated in french). By the way, it's awesome because I can understand every little details of the storyline! ;)

Finally, earlier I talked about sorting items by damage using Kinect. I was mistaken. Of course it's not a valid command.