Skyrim companion quest broken

Just got back after clearing out the cave. Silver-hands took out the quest giver, now everything is looped. Can't get another quest, all they keep saying is we took care of the silver-hands, check for stragglers............did all that. Two months of in-game time had to pass and I cannot get anything going with the companion quest line. Any help in 360 land?


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Can't help you there,  I didn't have a problem like that with the companion questline. however I do have an issue not being able to finish the Raident Questline to Cure the Brothers Lycanthropy, because Skjor for SOME reason is alive in my game,  even though the finished quest list states that he died.

Have you been sent on the Glenmoril quest? That's the quest where everything went haywire for me.



If I remember correctly is that the quest that you need to collect the witch heads from that cave for the old man? If so I think it's caused by clearing out the cave that you're ment to go in after collecting the heads prior to doing this quest.


I too had this quest bug out on me.

The problem is that I didn't clear it out prior to the quest......Everything was fine, until after completion.