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Hi All! pretty new to live.

I've been playing TES: Skyrim for a long time now, but I'm getting tierd of my Characters [I have made alot of them].

Does anyone here have a good character build for Skyrim?


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use nothing but hand to hand combat the entire game ( except maybe a bow for dragons)

Bows get so over-powered though, I was up to level 99 archery in no time. I like to switch it up often - now I use destruction in one hand with a sword in the other.

I have tried every thing...mage, knight, stealth and evn a hi-bryd of the three.

I've found that stright up classes are best for me, right now I'm thinking of starting over [again] as a pure combat class and fill in the rest as I go.

I'm telling you, use nothing but fists, or you can pick up oblivion GOTY edition which was the game before skyrim, it doesn't look as good but it has a bit more skills and stuff you can train up, one of which is a dedicated hand too hand skill set. ( granted being an archer in oblivion sucks)

My advice would actually be go and get some more games! Skyrim is great, but variety is the spice of life and there's plenty of awesome titles out there. Unless you actually already have other games, in which case ignore this entire statement.


If you only want to use a straight-up class then, well, yeah, you've pretty much covered the options. You could try being a necromancer who only fights with a knife should things get hairy. As US says, try fighting barehanded for a real challenge.

Go down the Ork path and become a berserker wielding massive weapons but little armor. Become a Battlemag or a spellsword! or a Rogue that goes for the close kills.

I love the melee gameplay in Skyrim so my favorite character is an Imperial that specializes in swords and shields. If anyone is going to go hand use the Khajit character. Their claws give bonus damage.

*To US* I have oblivion GOTY [granted on PS3, but still] and hand to hand sounds like

it would put you at a huge disadvantige agaist dragons and spell-casters.

*To WOLF* I have more game [16 total], but I'm focing on Skyrim right now.

*To Cuture* I do use bows myself [best way to deliver posion from a safe distance.

as I said, use a bow but only for dragons.

you could also do what someone on youtube did and make a "monk" character, who never killed anything the entire game, he use healing spells to not die, ran from fights, ect. see how much you could do with not killing a soul?

Could that really be done? I mean [for exaple] don't you have to kill that Drougr to get the dragonstone?

I do run form fights [against bigger [levled] or a sizeable group of enemys] erly on.

Right now, I've started over and just going where the game takes me, a balance between mage, knight and stealth

Intresting idea tho

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