Skyrim Burnout

I'm getting back into Skyrim and playing from scratch after having my initial 200+hour( Where i did pretty much everything that could be done, and explore the world like a man possessed ) save erased by a glitch, currently a level 21 Redguard, so far i've only done the bare minimum to reach said level and the reset has me utterly bored, there's no sense of excitement since i've been there, done that. How do i regain that feeling of "Oh man i love this game!" while taking my time to enjoy all that Skyrim has to offer and resist the urge to simply blow through it all just so i can end things and start the DLC?


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Sorry, lol, but I just can't buy it. 200+ hours and you did everything? Hahaha! Currently a level 21. Even at level 42 you still would not have done "everything" there is to do. Sure, follow a quest as quickly as possible to get to the end. What about the endless number of side quests and miscellaneous quests? What about a level 81 character? There is just so much more IMHO to this game. Stop and pick a few flowers and maybe get a few skills to 100.

Just for grins: Give this a try, 388 Locations, 327 Dungeons, 1108 Skill increases, only 86 books read, 7 horses, 6 houses. Then theres the other stuff that is really too numerous to mention. The quest page goes on, but the misc objectives completed is 423. So there should be enough to keep you busy.

[quote user="Tripping Crutch"]

 How do i regain that feeling of "Oh man i love this game!" while taking my time to enjoy all that Skyrim has to offer....?

[/quote]  Same answer for Morrowind, Oblivion,and Skyrim.  You have to put the game away for a while, especially if you've recently done 200+ hours.  Put it out of your mind, play other games. Wait a few months until the "urge to return" burns strongly in your gaming soul.  I always get a warm "welcome home" feeling when returning to Morrowind after several years. I savor every minute.

Angelus i stated that my original play through  was 200+ hours before that save got erased by a glitch, Not the game i'm playing now since starting over with a character currently at lvl 21 hence the reason i don't have the same love for the game as i once did. My first game save before it got wiped out that character i topped out at 78

Thanks OldPepsi.

Sorry didn't mean to be offensive.

As OPM said though, maybe it's time for a break. I did have a few plays that were getting on my nerves also. Mostly glitchey stuff with the game. I stopped to play the new Halo and then a few other games. It works pretty good as now I have Dragonborn and really just picked up with an old character. I find myself thinking I'm going to really start all over from the very beggining but I just haven't done it yet. I still get too engrossed to give up the progress.


Yup, need a break once in awhile.

I'm on a break now before I go back for that last cheevo.

Long breaks are rejuvenating.  I too have done just about everything, and am at 275 hours with my wood elf character.  Im starting to role play within Skyrim.  What I mean, is I will take just a bow and one outfit suited for the climate I will be in and just hunt, hang out in the mountains and collect stuff.  I also have a trophy romm that I need to fill, so I am hunting all the animals I can find.  I do this a couple times a week and its working.  I will probably start a new character pretty soon too.    

I recently passed 230 hours on my main character for a  total of over 300 hours which includes a secondary character. I too have had burnout before in Skyrim and didn't play for weeks or months. Truthfully unless more dlc like Dragonborn or Dawnguard comes out, I really don't see me playing the game that much anymore. Reason being is that it takes SOOOOOOOOOOO long to level up after level 50 it feels like grinding more than anything and that takes a lot of fun out of it for me. All I got left are radiant quests so that's kind of boring. Oh yeah I still have to finish Hearthfire but I never really got into that dlc all that much.

No harm, no foul Angelus.  I think the reason why i fell out of love with Skyrim is due to the fact that my original save was corrupted and after pouring so many hours into the game, crafting and actually about my character, i now have to start from scratch against my choice,  instead of just continuing from where i left off with the DLC.

Dawnguard was well put together and i'm glad i got to finish that and do a bit of HearthFire which is a nice distraction before my save file was corrupted. Thanks for the advice everyone, i appreciate it, Fresh eyes and a break sounds like that'll get me back in the mood for tackling Skyrim a second time

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