Skyrim bugs and the patch

I am having the same problem with Valthume's puzzle door.  You know when the rings turn but the door will not open.  I have also encountered the issue of Erandur disappearing when I follow him into the nightfall tower or whatever its called in Dawnstar to stop the dream madness.   I was wondering if the patch from last night fixed these issues.  Anyone know?  And please don't tell me I am doing the puzzle wrong, especially if you do not plan to illustrate how to do it corrcetly afterwards.


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patch didnt fix many quests i dont think, they apparently fixed the texture issues, and some other minor ones. not even touched any broken quests yet. the way microsoft are with patches id be patient if i were you. will be a loooong time til they eventually patch everything.

Well now I just read the post thread about the patch itself being a problem with resistance etc.  Should I just play Saints Row for a month or so? Or go back and get the rest of the riddler's trophies... This really bites.  I have been craving Skyrim for a year or more.  

Does playing offline cause any trouble...

hey thanks for the reply btw.  Oh and that was my first post I thought...How come I didn't get 30 pts?