Skyrim achievements on PC onto windows live account.

I own a PC and Xbox360 and bought PC version of Skyrim but i can't get my achievements to go onto Windows Live account. Any ideas?


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I don't think that's possible. You keep your achievements on Steam, however. Isn't that enough?


I've tried to look for a solution to this as well - adding achievements from Skyrim to GFWL (Games For Windows Live), and I'm certain there's no way to get it done. Although, I don't mind much, but If I had a choice of Skyrim not having achievements, I'd go with it.

Skyrim isn't games for windows LIVE applicable. Thus meaning achievements will not be applied to your GS.

To start with, it is GAMES FOR WINDOWS and how is it that they managed to do it for Fallout 3 and Dirt 3. The main reason I bought Skyrim for PC is that I thought the achievements would be added to my gamer score like it did with them two games. ( It sucks if they haven't made it for Skyrim)

I'm not too bothered by it. In fact, I'd get rid of Xbox and PC achievements if I could.

Bethesda didn't build Skyrim on Games for Windows Live.   I believe it's based on Steam, which means that there's no way to get Xbox Achievements or increase your GS.   It's the reason I got the Xbox version.   I had bought Oblivion on the PC and while I still loved it, regretted not getting the 360 version.

I don't understand why anyone would be so concerned about their xbox gamer score or achievements. Steam is a whole different animal.

Yeah there are windows live games on steam but you buy them that way.

Ah, I am now follow you, there are games for windows and games for windows LIVE, I just saw it on the fallout 3 box. I'm still happy as a pc version of any game looks better graphically. (Gamer score was just a bonus I guess)

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