skyrim 30 minute preview

i've been searching and can't find anything. Has this already happened? i only wacthed e3 on the 6th. If it hasn't somebody let me knw when it comes on, or if there is any info. on it.. appreciated greatly

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i don't know when the elusive 30 min demo was or is to be shown, or if it's even open to the public and cameras, but ign has their demo scheduled for 5:00 pm pst (8:00 pm est). wither or not that is it, i'll certainly be watching it tonight, though without sound unfortunately.

ouch, that has to suck, no sound. 8pmest? that sucks, i'm not gonna be able to see it. hope someone records it and puts it on youtube.....

I think the 30min demo was a closed one, but you can find a 15 min demo on This is where I watched it or you could try

No 30 minute demo, there is a 14 minute video here though.

is it the same video with todd howard at the e3? or is it a different video?

It's the same demo, but more footage.

i'm kinda bummed that the 30 min demo is behind closed doors, but that 14 min demo was pretty sweet, and i look forward to reading the impressions and previews of the big demo. 11/11/11 can't come fast enough.

There is the GTTV preview .

There is an IGN interview coming up at 5.00PM PST time. See the shedule list to the right. Not sure if it will be the same footage as the GTTV preview though.

You can see what time it is in America PST time below. 2 hours left till the interview.

I didnt care for Oblivion at all so at first I was not interrested in Skyrim.  Then I watched the gameplay videos and its looking really good. Still not sold on it yet but the more I watch, the better this game sounds.  Especially the dynamic Dragons and the ability to change your character the entire time you are playing the game.