Skydiving and the atomic blimp

I can see it now. One of those rare opportunities when you have everyone in the multiplayer lobby co-operating. Everyone is on top of the atomic blimp and equipped with a parachute.

Assuming the blimp will be usable in multi-player and we can climb to the top, I would love to use it as a mass skydiving platform. Or maybe, if there's more than one, we could have epic air ship battles. Thoughts?


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I would love to have several blimps in the air with people shooting out of it, but I usually play with people who like to just run around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

i would love to do blimp battles online, but there is very little information about the atomic blimp. so far all we really know is that for now it's a pre-order bonus, we don't even know how to get aboard or if its online compatible.

I pre-order the SE and will have the Atomic Blimp. If it carries over to Online, i'll be jumping off that thing a lot. Think how crazy it would be to jump off that and kill a few people from above while you parachute down.