Sky High Achievement Question?

Sky High
Lift 100 enemies off the ground with powers.
I just had a quick question about this achievement... I started the game as a soldier, but I got the bonus power of SLAM. So does that mean I can still get this achievement? Or does it need to be the other power, the one that makes them float into the air in a blue haze?
Thank you

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anything that lifts people off the ground works...except for slam for some reason.  Biotic charge...pull...lift grenade.

I ended up getting this in mp, just take a class with pull and you will get it real quick.  

I can't be sure, but I would imagine that any power that would lift an enemy off the ground would work.  Maybe one of the Adepts can answer better cos I'm also a Soldier...

I got mine with my Sentinel...  I have slam as my special power but I can't say for sure if it contributed towards it or not. I'm pretty sure that using Liara's singularity works. I have had Liara with me for 98% of my missions, maybe more. lol  Singularity is awesome.  

Concussive Shot should work.

I got mine doing Concussive Shot.  Try doing that.  Enemies come on the screen and I hit them with Overload from Garrus then Concussive Shot.. and the always seems to move the counter up.

I did the same as Eggnogga..concussive shot and Frag Grenades mostly in Multiplayer