Skulls and Terminals

Hey fellas:

I'm having issues snagging the Iron skull in 'Pillar of Autumn', as well as the terminal.  The skull behind the waterfall in 'Halo' isn't there either.  I've only found the Boom skull and the terminal in the 'Halo' level.  I've seen gamers say that you need to have your difficulty on normal or higher, and my difficulty is on normal.  Any ideas what could be the problem as to why these skulls and terminals aren't present?

Also, I might need a gamer friend who will be willing to play for the co-op achievements.  I'm still thinking about it, but I will let you guys know ASAP.  Thanks!


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I had no problems getting them. Maybe this might help?


If you havnt found the iron skull yet its in the room you begin in after you exit the cryo tube face the back wall, its on the left behind the containers. And when looking for skulls and terminals you need to have your graphics set on remastered. They will not show up on classic. And as for the difficulty it needs to be normal or higher.

When someone else collect's a Skull like Bandana do you get it also?