Skrym ala Fable games ? Marriage, tavern brawls and more...

[quote]If you're looking forward to Skyrim, you don't want to miss this. The creative team behind has answered 25 fan questions covering a broad spectrum of topics, from nit-picky specifics to more general info.

The Q&A, posted on Bethesda's blog, features Todd Howard (game director), Bruce Nesmith, (lead designer), and Matt Carofano (lead artist) fielding questions from gamers who are clearly hardcore fans of the series.

Honestly, you should probably read all 25 responses, but a few highlights include:

  • You can get married, and your spouse can move in if you own a house
  • Your leaning toward good or evil isn't represented by a number
  • Boss fights are not just enemies with more HP. They use a variety of tactics
  • Don't count on destructible environments
  • Skyrim has tavern brawls![/quote]


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well , i couldn't edit i forgot to say that was a good Interview.

I hope I can decorate my house with so much stuff that when you approach it, the Xbox freezes like in Morrowind.

That was weird.

"Skyrim and Fable?" Some sort of interactive romance plot that leads to either *** or marriage that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the plot or any type of sub-plot is a staple in the WRPG. Needless to say the title should be more accurate "Skyrim ala WRPG."--Which is like saying "Call of duty ala FPS." Obvious. although not to some who miss the finer points of evolution of JRPGs and WRPGs.

...Please don't compare Skyrim to Fable... it scares me... (Not that I dislike Fable but then I also don't dislike Fifa but would still prefer Skyrim not to have much in common with it)

Marriage sounds like it could be really bad, But hopefully it won't be,

Reducing armour parts is saddening.

What a great Q&A session, a very interseting read. I cant wait for this game


Wow, being able to be married too. Well this is either gonna lead two ways. Me becoming a slave to my wife, or me coming home from the tavern every night, and beating her silly after she has made my dinner lol