Skrim Help Please!!!!!!!

Hey All-

I know the new systems are out and everything but I am still wanting to play Skyrim.   I have done all previous suggestions , cleared my whole hard drive, even wiped it completely and I cleared the cache.  I can't locate any Skyrim files on the hard drive or the system.  I have no saved games to load from and when  go into Skyrim and start a new game I get the infinite load screen from the get go.

What else can I possibly do with this aside from buying a new Xbox.  This is stupid that Bethesda hasn't addressed this.  I have also tried installing on my hard drive and I get a 99% completion error.  I know it's not the disk because others have had the same issue.


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It still sounds like a bad disk. Do you have a friend with a 360 you could try your disk on? Does said friend have their own copy you could try on your box? Have you contacted Bethesda about a replacement?

I have swapped copies of the disk already and it still continues to be a problem :|

What edition is your Xbox 360?

Not to sound ridiculous or anything but you do have a 250gig HDD, correct? Personally I have never had any trouble installing or getting the game to start. The game is further glitchey in other ways. If you hare playing from the disc listen carefully to the disc player and see if it is stopping at anytime. I've heard some folks have had intermittent problems with the laser reader and Skyrim takes so much of your system that it is recognizable more often with this game than others. Good Luck!

Yeah, Skyrim was a game they used to test a new data compression system, and it can be weird on the system. Even when you install it, the base game installs at only 3. something GB, even though it is a huge game that normally would be at minimum twice that.

I have an original edition XBox 360 (an old refurb that replaced my original red ring of death unit). I play Skyrim on it (off-line) with no difficulty.  I also have a new XBox360S that plays Skyrim just fine, originally from the game disc and later after being installed on the HD. So, I don't think the problem is related to the edition of the XBox360 console.

I don't think so either, but different models have different patterns of breakdowns and reactions to issues, and knowing as many details as possible better helps to pin down the solution.