Skipping Play through 1

I finished play through one last year, and have since bought a new X-box. I didn't bring the save game to the new machine. I was getting back into Borderlands with some friends. Do I have to go through the entire first play through again, or is there a way to skip straight to a level 30 start? You can tell by my achievements I did kill the vault boss.


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You'll have to start a new character if you don not still have the previous save.

i think if you skip the first playthrough you miss out on all the backpack SDU's and weapon slots that are importiant if you want to carry more than 2 guns.

You could always use Savegame Modding softwar (Modio) etc, to start on playthrough one, but i do believe it's against the rules of Xbox live.

I used Modio for PC Saves.