any one want to trade skins and heads that they dont need im looking for the rare assassin heads i have the ailenation one


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If you get any extra heads besides:

  • Zer0 (obviously)
  • Gh0st (obviously)
  • Disharm0ny (obviously)
  • Punk
  • Blast Shield
  • Eng13
  • Alienati0n

I would gladly pay you or trade you some nice items for them.

I have all the collectors edition heads. They are easy to get.

Tatakai, what do you mean by easy to get?

I have silver accounts and as I have the collectors DLC I can create a silver account character and it will have the collectors heads and skins in it's inventory. So if you know anyone with it. just ask them.

Actually my friend went off and made a new character and he automatically got the head and skins in his inventory, so you don't need to make a Silver Account to do it :P.

Oh ok, I just wasn't sure if creating a new character with same class as one you have overwrote the other, as it happened with one of the mule accounts.