Skins, any ideas.

Ok I like to start off by saying hi, Question 1:Do you guys think we should be given the power to create our own skins or do you think 4J deserves the money for thier hard work? Question 2:If you could create your own skin what skin would you make? Question 3:What skins would you like to see in the next skin pack? My answers: 1: 4J work hard they deserve the money. 2: I'd make me but with a goatee. (I've always wanted a goatee) 3: I'd like to see Saint Row skins in the next skin pack.

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1. I agree, 4J works hard. But I would like to have the ability to make my own skin. If they put it much like the way we make our avatars I don't see a problem with it.

2. Probably just a normal guy in a hood..

3. The skins were already announced:

•Iron Golem – Minecraft

•Tree Man

•Creeper Suit

•Red Spartan – Halo

•Blue Spartan – Halo

•Alistair – Dragon Age

•Morrigan – Dragon Age

•Sten – Dragon Age

•Leliana – Dragon Age




•Barbarian – Castle Crashers

•Blacksmith – Castle Crashers

•Augustus Cole – Gears of War 3

•Samantha Byrne – Gears of War 3

•Mordecai – Borderlands

•Lilith – Borderlands

•Brick – Borderlands

•Claptrap – Borderlands

•Sensei – Fruit Ninja

•Barry Steakfries – JetPack Joyride

•Charlie Murder – Charlie Murder

•Skelekitten – Charlie Murder

•Ninja – Mark of the Ninja

•Grizzly Bear




•Polar Bear


•Knight 1

•Knight 2

•Knight 3

•Knight 4





•Baker’s Wife



•Victorian Woman

•Valkyrie Warrior

•Highway Woman

•Ezio – Assassin’s Creed

•Altair – Assassin’s Creed

•Conner – Assassin’s Creed

Unless you mean the skin pack after this one, which is too far in the future...