Skin Question (Crimson Omen)

No one on any other forum, even the epic forums has been able to answer this, maybe someone here can?

I'm sure this has been asked but I didn't find much on it. But how do we get the Crimson Omen Lamcer skin if were in the US? It sounds like those Xbox Live cards are only available in other countries? If we had it in the beta do we get it? Thanks.


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The way to get the Crimson Omen pack is to either get the Epic Edition, Limited Edition or the Gear 3 console. You can get the Liquid Metal skin for you guns if you buy the Gears 3 Season Pass which will hit at 12:01 Monday the 19th. Hope this helps answere your question.

You can also get the Crimson Omen skins in the Gears 3 Controller ( I know, as I did purchase the controller and the codes are there)

- As for just a Lancer skin. Not really sure. Those cards look like they are only for other countries.

Crimson omen unlocks in game and through that xbox live card. INFECTED OMEN are the ones with the controller/console/EE

My bad! Sorry about that!!

Heres my question, can you buy it seperatly now? with all of the skin packs for weapons.

Crimson Omen skin is on the Marketplace for 80 MSP ($1) and is not unlockable in the game.

That is just for the lancer right?  You can unlock the CO for the other weapons in game.