Skill points decreasing. Glitch?

A couple times while playing I've noticed a random decrease in my character skills.  One, archery turned red and was marked as 25, even though when I went to the skill tree it was around 56.


The same thing has happened to my overall health and magic.  Health turned to green numbers, and magic turned to red numbers, and both were significantly decreased.  What gives?  Is this a glitch or was I poisoned or am I missing some element of gameplay that would do this?


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Usually a red stat means you have some sort of disease. You can cure these by visiting shrines. Theres one in the courtyard of whiterun. (By the guy talking about Talos) This should cure you and getyou all back to normal.

If your stats are green that normally means you are wearing or drank something which increases that skill.


I've experienced this also.  My one handed is red 15... Actual skill is 70. No disease does -55 to any stat.  That's what you call a crippling glitch..

Level the skill up, the red will go away.  Its a known bug, not sure why it happens.

Thanks. Guess my real question was whether or not the actual skill was affected or if it's simply aesthetics. Guessing it's superficial after having tested it myself. Is this a generic bug or a 1.3 patch bug? Just saw it for the first time with 100+hrs and several skills at 100

It just looks that way.  I have confirmed it.  My 1 hand skill was red and shown as 32 but my real skill was 87, it still showed the weapon as having the same damage and I was still able to kill creatures in 1 hit.

red and green mean different things depending on where you are looking, under items it is for comparisons with your equipped;  whereas under skills, it should mean enhanced or degraded - by enchant or diease. respectively, active effects under magic can be helpful

Yes, I'm fully aware.  Oddly enough it seems to always be a "bugged" decrease of 55.  For the longest time I assumed it was a long last NPC weapon effect, as such things werent uncommon in Morrowind.  Keeping my fingers crossed for Morrowind-esque enchantments..Question answered several times over. Time for a thread closing ^~

Hopefully, this bug will be fixed in a future patch.  Imagine if someone is affected by this bug whose skill (say archery) is already at 100 but the bug decreases it.  Since archery cannot be leveled up again, this bug will be permanent!