Skies of Arcadia on XBOX LIVE ARCADE

If there's just one game I would like to see on XBOX LIVE ARCADE, it would be


Good DMC memories brought back to life on xbox, it would be so awesome!

Who feels the same way ?!?


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I know its a couple of months after the original post but i feel you bro.

I only played the demo on the dreamcast but by the time i wanted to play the full game, my DMC broke slightly so it was unreliable (it restarts itself every now and then), and no i dont know where to get it.

I think i'll be getting skies of arcadia legends for the gamecube though and playing with that during the summer months.

It seems that very few people even know of this game seeing as there have been no replies to this post 0.0

The world is missing out on a great game.

I really want that game on Xboxlive! but. Sega is stupid

You may just see it on xbla after all. And it may be like Sonic Adventure like with DX as dlc Legends will be the dlc.

hey guys im new to this how do blog to xbox give them idea about an old school arcadia  game i played in the game room as a kid

i wanna see two game on xbox live is amazing spider man an 1991  game by sega tm. it was in the arcadia  u can play with 4 people  spider man black cat hawk eye  and sub namor

Sub Marinor?

Personaly i loved skies of arcadia i played both on dreamcast and gamecube would defently get it for xbox even if i dont have the time i want to play it. i would buy it anyway.