Sketchy power bar while hitting

A lot of times lately while hitting, my power bar will get sketchy towards the ends of the bar. Right before max power and right before perfect accuracy. It seems like the game is lagging or something. I haven't heard anything about this from anyone else so I'm trying to figure it out here. Anybody know if it has something to do with my golfer's stats maybe? Like bad strike or something? Not sure whats up.


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I've seen this before. Like a graphics glitch on the upswing. Could be lag, been having a not great experience with Rival players shots not being able to pull the whole replay of the shot from the cloud during playback.

If you have a tv setting for games set it to it.  I heard that tip from Sparklefresh in his Youtube videos.

I don't have it on my tv. Maybe it will help.

I think I figured it out. It seems like if you press A to speed up every shot you hit it starts lagging your power bar. Must have something to do with not being able to keep up loading or something. I stopped speeding up shots and it seems to have subsided.