Skarlet update killed my save file.

Okay so i bought the season pass, downloaded update, and played a couple rounds as Skarlet.  I then went back to the character select screen, and noticed that all my alt costumes were gone, and also no Cyber Sub or Quan Chi.

Then I had a look in the Nekropolis, to find that all my progress has been reset. All milestones cleared, Krypt is full again, Challenger Tower reset, everything gone. Its like putting the disc in for the first time. I still have my Klassic skins pack, Skarlet, and my online record, but thats it.

I've tried restarting etc, but it looks like it must have overwritten the save file when I used Skarlet. Anyone else had this? Is there a sure way to get it back? I really dont feel like playing through the whole lot from scratch again, plus I was only a couple hours from mastery achievement. :(


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Have you tried signing out and then back in and restarting the game? This has happened to me before but it was before the Skarlet update.

same thing happened to me but i'm not mad for some reason i had a blast unlocking everything in the game and I'm sure it'l be fun to do so again.

Wow, that is incredibly lame. I had the same thing happen to me not once, not twice, but three times. The first time was when I was on the 151st challenge in the tower and then after I beat it as the game was doing its auto save, it froze. I would've called for support but it was 1:00 AM in the morning and there was no point so I turned off my console after 15 minutes of it not reponding to any comands. The next day I got up and all tower challenges were locked along with everything else. I called XBox customer support and I was told to download the game to my hardrive so it wouldn't freeze up. I began again unlocking first the story, then all the ladder ending, and then the challenge tower. I was on the 222nd challenge and just like magic, my game froze during an auto save. Instead of turning off my console I quickly called XBox live and I was shocked by the fact that they told me to turn off the console and download the game again. I did this in the hopes that maybe since I called this one in I would be able to salvage some of my work. It was all futile. I got back into the game and once again everything was gone except for my downloaded content. The challenge tower was locked again so just for fun I thought I'd play and see how far I could get before it froze yet again. I had 5 friends over that day and we were all taking turns trying to beat challenge 299 and after several hours I finally pulled out a victory. The game went for an auto save and what happened? Sub-Zero touched my XBox because it froze. I couldn't help but laugh because now it was just a joke. I  know that maybe some people are thinking that maybe I own a 4-5 year old XBox but I can assure you that I got my Xbox 1 year ago on Fathers Day. Since that tragic and eventful day I learned to roll with the punches but I also learned that there's rarely a chance to get your game files back. I was lucky and my game only restarted at challenge tower mission 289 so I still got my achievements that day. It's depressing when your stats get reset and If you've read all this then there's still hope for you. Show the same dedication you've shown by reading all this and beat the tower. Now go forth and begin again!!!

ha ha  yeah looks like I'll be doing the whole lot all over again. Its just as well its such a good game, or I'd be really p*ssed.

I've tried pretty much every trick in the book and its just not coming back :(.

I had the whole tower done except for 2 (army of shao kahns and last one), every characters alt, fatalities, babalities, krypt cleared, story cleared, and heaps of milestone time on nearly all characters too.

I'm pretty much resigned to just doing it all over again now. The funny thing is I had like 300,000 koins with nothing to spend them on, and now I need everything and only have about 1000 koins!

oh well at least I still have the achievements.

Same thing happened to me, and since it did to so many other people, I'm making a backup file, just in case it does again, but I doubt it.

Mine got erased cause this is EXACTLY what I did:

 *I have 6 different accounts, one for each character I use, since the replay boxes isn't enough for more than one character*

1) I signed out of this account while in the main menu, NOT the start screen.

2) I signed in to a different account which had nothing on it, no money, no cyber-sub, nothing.  (Ofcourse though, it was only a account to record)

3) After I got done training on my offline account, I clicked on "Xbox Live" in the main menu.  I was like "Oh ****" All my profiles came up, and there I saw DyingSoldierXX, so I'm like, "O.K".  I clicked on it.  Online All my characters were gone.

Later did I find out, that because I went straight from an offline profile that had nothing, to Xbox Live, my XBL account was over written All except my online record.  Now I have all the character, and challenge tower re-completed.