Skarlet in Nekropolis

For some reason a LOT of people think she isn't viewable, that isn't true so stop thinking that. Pick a character in nekropolis, hit start, player select, scroll down to Cyrber Sub-Zero, and hit left or right for her to pop up. There, now please stop saying she isn't there because you sound stupid when she clearly is there.


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Calling others stupid isn't a sure-fire way to get your point across. Also, this method doesn't work for what people are asking for. Picking a character in Nekropolis brings up their stats. You can't hit start to do anything. I spent a bit deciphering what you really meant until I came to it. You mean to say choose a character's bio in the Nekropolis, wait for the character viewer to pop up, then hit start and go to player select. This doesn't help, though. We want to view her stats and milestones, not just see her character standing there. She's not in the Nekropolis, but her bio is. That's it. We want to see all the stats, not one of the options.

Unfortunately, that still doesn't allow us to view Skarlet's usage stats.

There's a difference between me saying "You're stupid" and saying "You sound stupid." and I wasn't talking about her stats, at all, people were saying she wasn't in nekropolis at all, which she is.

Yeah, she is in there but she does not have usage stats and as such she isnt in the Nekropolis as the rest of the roster is. You cant even view her ending either or see an alt costume for that matter.

Yeah, she's "in" the Nekropolis the same way Classic Scorpion, Classic Sub-Zero, Classic Reptile, Classic Jade, Classic Kitana, Classic Mileena, Classic Ermac, Classic Smoke, Classic Sektor, Classic Cyrax, etc. are "in" the Nekropolis.

Difference being, the rest are just costumes, not characters with endings and stats.

Hey 9572D whats up my man lol.

Yes, it's true. I play things other than Game Room. :)