skarlet in character selection

Why do you have to go on Cyber Subzero to get to skarlet? Why not get rid of one of the cyber sub zeros, and put skarlet there instead? You can't even get your cursor on both CSZ...


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That's what I'm wondering.


I guess because that would be Kratos' spot on the PS3 and maybe cause Skarlet isn't an Official Roster Fighter.

That's probably right. I would guess that the rest of the DLC characters will be within the selectable pull out menu on the side, too. Makes sense, considering if they got rid one space for CSZ and put Skarlet in place, where would they put the other 3 that are planned?

well still what's the point of having two spots for CSZ? You can't even put your cursor on one of the spots for him...I don't care if they do that for the other characters, but if you have an open spot, why not use it?

Well, I was hoping that one of those spaces of CSZ would be replaced by a DLC character and then the rest be in the pull out menu. It does look tacky to have two CSZ pictures there.

I don't think tacky is the right word, but it does seem off. It doesn't really bother me much anymore, though. After playing for a while and seeing the screen enough times, I don't mind it anymore.

I kinda wish instead of the pull out menu they would have put Skarlet in the other CSZ slot and like used the DLC characters to build onto the sides of the roster. That coulda been interesting I guess?