Siterep a tweak too far!

What has happened to this,i know its been tweaked for sound etc,etc but this only effects the pro version,now when i go sniper hunting the claymores/bouncing bettys used to glow from the other side of the map,now i am lucky if i dont trip over them before i see them.



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did not realise that it had been tweaked andc yes i have been killed a couple of times by well placed claymores that did not glow 

Yeah I did notice this yesterday as I played at my buds home.

This is weird because yesterday I was playing and I know I don't have the perk selected and I was seeing all of the red from claymores and bettys and such.  I didn't think much of it at the time.  

I've noticed equipment not glowing up until you're on top of it, especially through wall and other objects. Tbh though, I only use it for the pro version, also it's one of specialist unlocks not a primary choice. I will sometimes use it with an SMG though as they have a fairly decent strafe out if the box.

Hmmm, seeing enemy equiptment glowing didnt need a nerf. Weird.

Haven't messed with sit rep much, does the pro variant allow you to hear people with dead silence?  it should. if it doesn't.

^^^ Yes it does, I'm not sure if the volume the same level as what you hear from non DS users though. Nonetheless you can hear them perfectly fine due to your own footsteps being a little quieter with the pro variant.

As a DEAD SILENCE PRO  exclusive use person... I can attest that the newest patch to Sit REP PRO does indeed make a profound difference now...  I used to sneak behind to Knife people in the back and now I have those Sit Rep PRo peeps turning around since I make Noise (Noise that I can not hear myself because of the perk)..

Dead Silence Perk was one of my first unlocks for Prestige token... since its a level 55 perk..

Yep it ruined search and destroy now kids just camp in corners with sit rep pro so people like me who rush in search have to deal with these queers now

I dont play much S&D but i can totally understand it having that effect on that game mode.

i have it as my second specialist perk and i think its great that i can hear everyone and that everyone can hear me.

and the (SITTERS) aka (non mobile sitrep pro users) 90% of them are bad players and easy to deal with.

what it should of done i think was make dead silence just a little less silent, but now everyone sounds like a bull in a china shop.

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