Sire's role in Gears of War 3?

Just wondering if anyone knows or has any ideas what role the sires will have in Gears of War 3, and if somene could explain exactly what they are. Side note however trying to beat Gears 2 on co-op casual so PM if you want to.


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Sires are the earliest verison of the Locust who are assumed to be humans that were experimented on. I don't think they are going to be in Gears 3 since they only existed on the one base and I have not seen them in any game pics or vids.

I thought that the locust existed long before the pendulum wars, and the sires were created during them..

Epic said everything will be explained so we will just have to wait.

I'd say the original Locust. They were taken up to the mountain and stayed there for centuries (which then became Nexus).

Locust have been around for thousands of years as evidence of the locust ruines.  If you read the collectibles in gears 2 it says they are a batch of humans that "became sick" but were realy experimented on. I would assume this is an experment to mix locust with human dna.

whoa whoa whoa i would've thought that sires where genetic hybrids of human and locust.

Maybe Myrrah and Marcus got it awn back in the day...