Siren Help Please!!!!

Hey guys, Ive been playing with the siren with a buddy of mine. Im level 27 and still have terrible items. Its more like my smg. Its god awful. Its stats are 42 dmg 2 lightning. Thats about it. I have not even seen any in a shop thats better either. Ive seen plently of good other weapons. If someone would give me a hand i sure would appreciate it.


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I'm guessing since you are level 27 that you are in New Haven by now. I suggest farming the 5 or 6 chests in New Haven for now until you find better gear. It's a shame one of the patches turned them into silver chests. You can still find orange rarity guns in them, just not as much.

i meant is geeez this is what happens when you spill water into your keyboard blah.

^^ listen to what SARUMAN D WHITE,you'll eventually find better weapons as you progress in the game. I didn't start finding better guns for my siren until i hit level 29. As Saruman stated,this game is all about collecting stuff,so patience if a virtue.

for that level its pretty strong.level 69 shock smg  are in between 108-250.your level you are in playthrough 1 in between new haven to old haven.the loot will get better.i would like to quote the guy that teached me about this game-the game is about collecting stuff .im gonna add to that it is an rpg and patience will reap the most rewards i base it on my personal farming experience alone or with friends.but if you just want high powered guns -host a public game im pretty sure a level 69 will drop you guns and items that are majoritynot ingame .