I hope by posting this that people will help me get the games SINISTAR BY MIDWAY & GAUNTLET LEGENDS added to xbox. I would love to play these old games again very much i have left messages to xbox about these games for a long time and they will not respond to my requests. If some one would please help me get these games on xbox arcade and xbox games that would be great please post on this comment if we can get something done. THANKS


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why would you think posting in  the gears 3 forum would work?

Yea seriously what he ^ said

really random I could see y u posted it here if one of the companies was Epic but u should have done this in MIDWAY or GAUNTLET LEGENDS game forum

I would have gone with the "off-topic" response, but seeing as that's already covered I'll say this instead:


MIDWAY IS GONE. Their stuff is no longer on XBLA. I got screwed out of a game I bought. I would know.